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This is just a sampling of my watercolour work.  Many of these images are partial images only. Contact me to see the entire painting if you are interested in pu I hold online sales via FaceBook twice a year.

My work is also available at Art On Main in Nipawin SK.  

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Caring for Your Watercolour Paintings

Standards and Care

My watercolour paintings are created using top quality artist grade materials.  This means that they will last for many years with proper care,  Artist quality paints are rated for colourfastness.  If not exposed to direct sunlight for prolonged periods they will not grow dull or change colour.

If moisture gets under your frame the watercolour paint will be affected.  If hanging a watercolour in a humid area, be sure the frame is sealed off so that no moisture can get into the painting.

To protect your watercolour painting, keep it in a frame covered with glass.  The frames I provide are not high quality.  Custom framing is something you may wish to do once you receive your watercolour.  Request non glare glass that filter's UV light to give your watercolour the best possible protection.  Specify ACID FREE matte board and backing for your painting.  Most framers would know this, but mention it to be sure.  

If you decide to buy a ready made frame and matte for your painting, measure carefully so that the matte will fit nicely around the edge without exposing the white border or covering part of the picture.  You can get matte's cut to a custom size for the inside (that goes around the painting) and to a standard size on the outside so that it will fit a ready made frame.  

Do not hang your watercolour in a place where it will have the sun shining directly on it.

Some watercolours are mounted on blocks.  These have been protected with varnish and wax and do not require glass on them.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about how to frame or care for your watercolour painting. 


Purple Iris
9"x12" study

Robbie's Watercolours


Autumn Leaves

The colours of fall are so warm and vivid and so fleeting.....


Fall at the Peteigan

Visit my image gallery below for some samples of my work.  All images are subject to copyright.


No Fire In The Stove

Watercolour of an abandoned farm house in Northeast Saskatchewan

Gronlid Homestead (partial image) 
9"x12" unframed


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Gronlid Homestead (Partial Image)

9"x12" unframed

Robbie's Watercolours


Autumn Leaves

So vivid, so warm, so fleeting.... (Images on website are incomplete)


Autumn at the Pateigan

I love to paint en Plein Air.  This was a recent trip to the Pteigan River (Images are incomplete on the website)


The Faithful Sunflower

They seem to be a dependable flower.   Sturdy, bold and frutful.

(Images on the website are incomplete.

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